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About Us

About Us

WeCan is a pioneer foundation, founded in 2017 as freelancing business. It was registered in Jordan in 2021 (Registration number 505767). We specialize in effective accounting, financial management, human resources and management consultancies; and training and capacity building. We will support you too in acquiring skills which will supplement your progress and expertise while developing your capabilities and competence.

We provide constant and consistent support to individuals, businesses, and communities. We maintain a special focus on NGOs in the humanitarian sector, improving their financial and administrative performance. We can assist you with ongoing projects and with help you meet particular requirements, whether from donors, external parties, or governmental authorities.


WeCan links education and training. We provide training courses, assist in policy procedures, and help coordinate workflow and administrative organization. We provide our services to all countries and all sectors.



Working hand in hand for a prosperous future for individuals, businesses and societies.



Supporting individuals, business and societies by providing tailored services and solutions across all sectors.



To assist with: Effective accounting, Human and financial resources, Management consultancies, Training, Capacity building and General business solutions. 



  • Integrity.
  • Hard work.
  • Quality.
  • Accountability.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Constant Improvement.
  • Collaboration and Partnership.


Human Resources Services In Jordan

Develop Policies and Procedures In Jordan

Staff Training and Capacity-building In Jordan

Human Resources Services In Jordan

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